Generally speaking, a vehicle is valued at whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Unfortunately, assessing car values is not as simple as looking in Kelly’s blue book or getting an “instant offer” from an online car buyer website.

Even if you want to sell your car online, a vehicle is not a digital product, so any “instant quote” is never gauranteed, will usually be unreasonably low and subject to physical verification.

That’s because every used car is a unique snowflake, and only when an in-person inspection has occured can a genuine offer to buy your car be made. ❄️🤔

CarCashMax provides a quick, easy way to get you a better cash offer today!

We can beat Carmax, Carvana and online car buyers, as well as save you the hassle of dealing with private parties that may or may not give you a little more after a lot of tire-kicking.

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