Please Note: CarCashMax™ is not affiliated with nor endorsed by CARMAX®, on the contrary, we beat them by up to $1,000 when buying your car!

A Better Car-Buying Service

CarCashMax™ is a knowledgeable, friendly and professional team of “carbitrage” experts (self-described).

Our business is buying, our model is making the experience of selling your car as painless and profitable for you as possible.

Our process of shopping your car to the highest bidder not only eliminates the hassle, uncertainty and risk of selling your vehicle to a private party, but also the disappointment and frustration of unreasonably low “super store” appraisals or franchise dealer trade-in offers.

When car dealers compete, you win.

At CarCashMax™ we aim to be your most competitive AND convenient solution, ease the stress of selling and ultimately put more $ in your pocket.

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